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Álvaro Varela de Ugarte

Alvaro Varela is an architect trained at various prestigious international academic institutions. He got the title of architect by the Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), held a master's degree in Architectural Design at Yale University, New Haven, USA, and wrote and defended his Doctoral thesis in architecture, at the University of Tokyo (Todai).

Through alvaro varela architects, carries out a professional work of architecture with the premises of sustainability, energy self-sufficiency, integration in nature, and comfort and motivation in people’s activities. He searches for positive balances with the environment where he works each architectural intervention, using the minimum possible materia for the definition of spaces. In his work with water as beneficial for the rest, the welfare and health, explores mystical experiences people - nature.

It has carried out relevant architectural works in Spain and Japan, and is recently working in Peru and Ecuador as well. He is a regular lecturer and teacher on architecture, in Spanish and international universities, teaching students in his speech of "gradients of matter", as an abstract process of the decision making about the materiality of the boundaries that define  spaces.

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